Phillips air fryer reviews: Philips – HD 9220 AirFryer

The oil-free Philips air fryer HD9220 is a design model to provide 800 grams of crispy fries and with a minimum of fat.

Included accessories:

  • Single Bowl (separate cooking accessory is not included with purchase)
  • Booklet of 30 recipes


The fryer without oil AirFryer uses the patented “Rapid Air” which combines a grill of forced hot air circulating around the food. This helps to cook fresh fries with only half a teaspoon of oil, and frozen French fries without adding anything (they are already soaked in oil). The obtained chips contain 80% fat and less with respect to conventional chips. The thermostat is adjustable up to 200 ° C, to fit all foods: fries, meat, fish…

The taste is excellent, without difficulties and competes with conventional chips. The AirFryer came out a few years after its competitor the Actifry Seb, and used it to correct many flaws: the cooking time is faster, it is possible to use a tank with hot separator (not included to recent models) and a drawer can easily remove food.

It is possible to cook the fries with several types of oil: olive oil, canola oil …



Fresh fries must be distributed half a tablespoon of oil on the fries (or more for the greedy). The cooking time is set to the timer (30 mins) and the thermostat. Firing is automatic, and the dish is ready when the fryer stops and a beep warns you.

The cooking time is 12-20 minutes for frozen French fries, and 18-25 minutes for fries (depending on the amount of fries and thickness), plus 3 minutes of preheating if the unit is cold.

A food separator (not supplied) allows you to cook different foods at the same time without mixing them (like nuggets and fries).



  • Fast cooking (15 minutes including preheat for a small batch of frozen chips) with automatic stop.
  • The integrated odor filter keeps your kitchen without odors or fumes.
  • Versatile fryer is able (fish, vegetables, desserts …) to cook different preparations at the same time for a full meal.
  • Cold handle for easy handling of the basket.
  • Removable bowl with non-stick coating.
  • All accessories are safe in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.
  • Trendy design: no need to hide the AirFryer, she decorates the kitchen!
  • The cord is retractable (like a vacuum) for easy storage.

Weak points


  • 800g capacity only.
  • No transparent cover that would monitor cooking without opening the unit.
  • With the tank separator is no longer included with the fryer.

Customer reviews

Very good product. The fries are very good: we find the taste of the potato and especially to do any complex chips!

Small capacity, but it’s very fast 1/4 time and it’s ready to eat.

One can cook chicken nuggets, fries, chicken … well,the list goes on. It makes you 800 grams of fries in 12 minutes and all without oil. Any vessel part and basket is dishwasher safe. A little more next to his black design, it is absolutely brilliant; it is used almost every day. More question without it !!!

I am very happy with my purchase. I made home fries and frozen French fries with only one spoonful of oil it is excellent, golden brown and crispy. I also made pies, cakes and chicken legs, everything was perfect. Very easy to use, very easy to clean, I do not regret having bought. Only gripe is a little cumbersome.


Using  an air fryer is a good way to cooking healthier,but you must pay attention when buying a product.Read air fryer reviews is important to pick a good one,so you can find more information on some trusted website like 1 CUP AWESOME to find the best air fryer for you.



Oil less fryer – turkey fryer reviews

The Big Easy Oil-free infrared turkey fryer from Char-Broil



We all know that frying a turkey can be dangerous. Char-Broil has developed a way to make it not only safer but also cheaper and easier. The Big Easy is the rotisserie infrared propane that gives you foods that looks and tastes very much like they were fried. I think the true versatility of this device has not been discovered yet. All you can reduce is the cooking time as food can be cooked quickly (turkey about 10 minutes per pound). This unit will not be grilling steaks or burgers, but any whole poultry, roasts and other large pieces of meat are perfect. Overall, I must say that this small Oil less fryer is very impressive.




  • Fast heating
  • Safe alternative to frying Turkey (UL approved)
  • Easy to use
  • Cook rapidly
  • Limited versatility for food sizes
  • Safe Non-Food pan


  • A 18,000 BTU burner heat a closed circular chamber to generate radiant heat (infrared)
  • Rotating the piezoelectric ignition button
  • Works on an LPG tank 20 pounds standard
  • Removable aluminum (healthy non-food) recovery tank
  • Great food capacity removable basket

Made in China by Char-Broil and available at a number of outlets

The Big Easy Oil-free infrared turkey fryer from Char-Broil – Guide Review

Char-Broil has proven with this device they are looking to innovation for the future of society. This surprisingly powerful little “turkey fryer” is actually a small pretty versatile cooker that can easily prepare a variety of foods quickly. This “fryer” is actually nothing of the sort, but rather a (radiant heat) infrared baking oven propane. I guess they are marketing as a “fryer without oil” because the food comes out very similar to fried (without all that oil).

The Char-Broil Big Easy uses a circular propane burner 18,000 BTU in a closed chamber to heat a large metal pan. It then pots infrared heat to your food with great force. In fact, the efficiency of this unit is pretty amazing. You would be hard to cook it hot and fast on a gas grill with only 18,000 BTUs.

This unit uses no oil so it costs very little to operate. It is much safer than turkey fryers and you can use sauces, rubs and seasonings that you would not be able to with a normal turkey fryer. You can cook a turkey of 16 pounds in just over two hours.

I find the basket a little restrictive food, or perhaps not sufficiently restrictive. Above turkey 16 pounds there is a lot you can do with this device (such as large Brazilian beef skewers), but you need to be creative to get the food to sit properly so they can cook uniformly. Char-Broil is apparently looking at some accessories that will make this more versatile in the future.

On outdoor meals I made with this cooking juice machine in the recycling bin were clear and not burned. Unfortunately, the bin is not included healthy food and Char-Broil clear that the juices in the pan should not be used (like to make the sauce). You can install a small standard disposable aluminum pan in the drip tray and catch the cooking juices for later use.

This cooker sells for about $ 100USD.


Chainsaw classify and reviews

You know, before you choose your chainsaw it is important to know its use, slaughtering, cutting wood…
here comes the classify to help you choose the best chainsaw on the market.

Dolmar chainsaw 




Perfect for all small work nearby, cut firewood, pruning branches, the only problem being the power cable which can eventually obstruct us in travels, but low weight is an advantage especially if you have to climb in trees, no mixing, and an off button.

Echo chainsaw


A versatile machine for lopping, small cuts and cutting up, there are two models with classic rear handle maintenance and with handle high maintenance, personally, in this range it’s the latest model gets my favor because very Versatile and easy to grip.

These two machines are generally equipped with cutting 30 to 40 cm more than enough if you’re not a lumberjack

Caution still maintains that the chain saw mode is not without risk because the top handle does not offer a straightforward decision, so just for odd jobs.




Husqvarna chainsaw

huskyA machine is already semi-pro somewhat cumbersome but capable of intensive use especially in the range of 50 cc. its field is felling, bucking. Guide equipment:  40 to 50 cm

In general the length of the guide (or cutting) corresponds to the power in cc (cubic centimeter)

From 50 cc you enter the pro range with 60 and see 80 cc of 50-70 cm guides, the use of these types of machines requires experience and because of the developed powers quickly become dangerous for a neophyte.


Stihl chainsaw


All chainsaws are equipped in principle anti rebound system, a chain brake, an anti-vibration handle, but the main security is you … be ever vigilant!!!




The differences between a business and home:

Mainly in the construction of the engine, machining and finishing of the piston cylinder are improved to provide better performance and improved uptime, ditto for the crankshaft. Manufacturers take into account the occasional use of an individual and the need for professionals to have a more reliable machine for intensive use. The skin and the elements such as launcher, silent block, etc … are also designed to provide their users the best longevity

On some models the compression ratio is higher (requires decompression valve for start) to diets and most important motor times.

A more efficient technique in the implementation is carburization, ignition, cooling, lubrication, anti-vibration…

All these elements are designed to provide increased security for business use.

Where to buy your chainsaw:

Internet, local dealer, DIY, DIY stores, promotional products? Take into account that a chainsaw is a fragile tool and requested clarification settings to function properly, it requires more consumables, sharpening the chain, replacing it is a wearing part as guide which also requires maintenance, same drive gear is a part that wears out. In short we need a minimum of mechanical knowledge, just for daily cleaning because the timber causes chips, sawdust passing around in the pitcher, filter, etc….. gears a power of 50 cc of a machine at low cost or brand machine, if you try you will realize the difference, then everything depends on usage … If you want to slaughter you need power to work, but also for your safety as the cutting speed is important.

Now, you have the elements to make your choice.


The power of drinking enough water a day

waterA woman drinking a gallon of water a day for one month of results that will shock you

Sufficient water intake is needed daily for the proper functioning of all our organs. Yet fewer than one in five drinks enough. The following article will reveal the incredible results of sufficient water intake.

Sarah Smith is an English of 42 years; she is the mother of two young children. Like many, she admits not to drink 2-3 liters of water per day recommended, which is equivalent to a gallon, which is equivalent to a gallon. How much does a gallon of water weigh? According to ‘liquid’ gallon, a gallon is defined as a volume of 231 cubic inches or 3.785 L. This comes down to 8.344 lbs of water at its densest.

She regularly suffered from indigestion and headaches. After consulting several professions, she decided to take into account their recommendations, that is to say, drink more water to get rid of problems. She decided to report on its experience and be photographed before and after a daily intake of 3 liters of water for a month and see if the result was conclusive.

Before starting the experiment, Sarah has long watched the first photo she took of herself, and concluded: “I am 42, but I must admit that I seem to have over 52 years in this photo, it’s shocking. I have dark circles under and around the eyes and give me the exhausted air, I have many wrinkles, strange rash, and my skin is dull. I am like a dead … Even my lips seem to be wrinkled. “She then decided to divide her daily water intake in this way: A large pitcher of water in the morning, another in the afternoon and one last evening.


After the first week, Sarah had noticed that its intestinal transit was improved and her urine was almost transparent as the water was gradually cleaned the diseased kidneys. She also noticed sudden rashes, which have proved due to the removal of toxins from her body. As her headaches were gone and joint stiffness upon waking her felt had mitigated. Water is essential for the lubrication of joints.


She noticed a marked improvement in her skin though the eyes were still wrinkled before admitting: “They are less frightening and less gloomy than before.” The size of her belly was also significantly reduced and her husband had even noticed her cellulite was gone. The second week was also passed without headaches.


Sarah was pleased that her wrinkles and dark circles had virtually disappeared and that her skin was plumper and healthier. She noted that she ate less, since her stomach was often feeling satiated when she was just sated water. Some research has actually shown that 37% of people mistake thirst signals and those of hunger. The intake for water had contributed to a healthier lifestyle.


What about the fourth week? Sarah said, “I cannot believe how my face has changed. I look like a different woman. Dark circles around my eyes have almost disappeared and stains too. My complexion is almost as fresh as that of a child. The transformation is quite incredible. “She is now lighter and feels fit, everyone could see the change. It was nothing yet another changed in their daily except water intake.

Now it’s your turn. Drink 2-3 liters of water per day to stay healthy.